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EXO showcase introductions - then and now

there’s such an incredibly noticeable difference in their confidence levels, it really warms my heart 

Intro's in 2012 (Debut) and 2014 (Overdose Comeback) —EXO
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Imagine suho falling down on d.o & they end up kissing like every kdrama.

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u do not know real pain until you’ve woken up from a dream about your favorite band member

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tiffany’s sad life as a beggar

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into your world
Robert | 18 | Cali
I love you, just like this. The longed end of wandering. I leave behind this world's unending sadness. Walking the many and unknowable paths, I follow a dim light. It's something we'll do together to the end, into the new world.


01. (Angel) 너의 세상으로
02. 봄날 (How great is your love)
03. Don't Go
04. Goodbye Summer
05. Baby Don't Cry